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Introduce essential life skills to your children
with the Muzicbug picture story books!

Featuring the 20 fun and zany musical bugs each with their own
story to tell with an essential life skill message.

Read the Books.

Discuss the life skills.

Teach positive behaviour.

And help build strong kids!


Practice makes perfect for your children

Perform the tasks.

Earn the Muzicbug Life Skill stickers.

Reinforce positive behaviour.

And help build strong kids!

“My son is really enjoying Muzicbug books. He loves listening to the audio whilst I hold the book and we go through it together. Everyday he wants to read a new story.” -Ahla, Sydney

“Where such a busy schedule dictates our day to day activities, to sit down quietly during bedtime with my 4 year old, and have him engage in the fascinating creatures in the Muzicbug books, but also know that with each book I am teaching him some really important life skills and values, is definitely one of my most enjoyable moments of each day! Thank you for making our bed time reading, that yet more exciting and truly valuable!” -Anza, Balwyn

“The Muzicbug books have brought my child an awareness of these invaluable life skills and getting the stickers for his awards chart as a reward for responsible tasks has certainly shown a positive change in his behaviours.” -Jo, Hawthorn

“I have been reading muzicbug books with my 5 year old daughter and she is in love with them. She is excited about reading and doesn’t want to put them down especially the awards chart that shows her how much she has done and learned. At the end of each book, I ask Adele to feedback what the book is trying to point out, to see if she understands. For most of them she understands each life skill and how she can use it or work on it every day.” -Athy, Kew

“My little 5 year old niece has been reading these books since the day she got them. She absolutely loves them. She especially loves the stickers to these books as she associates the characters to the stickers. The more she reads them the better she understands the meaning the book and the life skill it’s trying to teach her.” -Stav, Ivanhoe

“I can tell you my 3 and 6 year olds love the books and the rewards chart has worked a treat. My dad read 13 books to them in a row just a couple of nights ago.” -Simone, Bundoora

“My 4 year old daughter would often go and get the books herself asking us to read them to her or she will sit for ages just looking at them herself. Our 2 year old son always gets excited when we said we were going to read them. I have always endeavoured to teach my children important life skills and have found it to be quite challenging at times although very much worth the effort. The Muzicbug program has made this task so much easier and accessible, something that I can slot into our day to day activity. I think it is extremely beneficial to all children who use it. Thank you for the wonderful program.” -Erin, Bundoora


About the creators

School teacher, Leighton Smith, with clinical psychologist, Dr. Rebecca Meaney, developed Muzicbug to help build strong kids around the world. The 20 picture books are a fun way for kids to learn essential life skills.
Learn more about the Muzicbug message and mission

Skills for today, foundations for life

Muzicbug is a fun way for kids to learn life skills. The books, music, activities and songs HELP BUILD STRONG KIDS. Learn more

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