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Meet the Muzicbugs

Strike Up The Band. Meet all 20 Muzicbugs and find out about the picture story books which feature each bug’s amazing journey and Life Skill discovery.

Ferdi Fly and the Flamenco Guitar

Being Active

Ferdi’s story invites your child to join him on his travels through Muzicbug Land, as he spreads the word that ‘being active is fun.’ This message is emphasised in his Activity Unit through exercises including learning the Ferdi Dance to the Shimmy, Shake, Cha Cha song. Being active benefits kids through both improved fitness and enhanced emotional wellbeing.

Bella Butterfly and the Harp

Being Persistent

Bella’s tale introduces the concept of persistence through her engaging story of the wonderful things you can achieve if you keep trying. The Activity Unit reinforces your child’s understanding of persistence through activities such as rapping along with Bella’s BB Rap. Persistence is integral to personal success and accomplishment, and enhances kids ability to manage challenges in life.

Seymour Spider and the Drums


Seymour’s story will help your child gain an understanding of the benefits of cooperating with others to achieve a goal. The Activity Unit exercises help demonstrate teamwork, while simultaneously targeting core literacy skills such as comprehension, and psychological skills including recognising emotions. These skills enhance both learning capacity and psychological wellbeing.

Annabelle Ant and the Saxophone

Setting Goals

Through her story, Annabelle will assist your child to understand the concept, and benefits of goal setting. The Audio Book enhances the story with music your child will love to sing along and dance to. The Activity Unit reinforces the skill and enhances learning through exercises such as the Wake Up Annabelle Memory Game. Goal setting assists children to direct their energy in a positive way, and developing focus, self-efficacy and confidence.

Jock McWaspy and the Bagpipes

Sharing With Others

Jock’s story takes a novel approach to demonstrating the benefits of sharing, with a surprising twist at the end! The Audio Book and Activity Unit reinforce the skill of sharing through fun character voices in the Hear Ye song. Through engaging in sharing behaviours, kids benefit from improved social interactions and enhanced connectedness with others.

Fergus Flea and the Trombone

Showing Courage

Through his relatable story, Fergus demonstrates that while showing courage can be difficult, it can be well worth it. The Activity Unit complements this message through activities such as singing along along to the Ooh La La song. Courage assists kids in developing strategies to face adversity, accepting challenges, and pursuing opportunities, which in turn helps kids identify their personal strengths.

Carlo Cockroach and the Piano

Making Extra Effort

Encouraging kids to make an extra effort can be difficult, so Carlo will step in to help! Through his funny story and Hello Rockin’ Roach song and dance in the Activity Unit, your child will learn that making an extra effort is worthwhile, and can be fun too. Encouraging effortful behaviours helps children develop a sense of self-mastery over challenging tasks, which assists in improving confidence and mood, and developing optimism.

Monty Moth and the Fiddle

Being Organised

Monty’s tale will help your child to develop an understanding of being organised, and the associated benefits. The Activity Unit reinforces understanding while also targeting core learning skills such as Rote Learning, through singing the Organising Song. Organisation skills are crucial to various aspects of personal development, such as planning and time-management, and help children feel more confident, capable, and self-assured.

Sea Captain Caterpillar and the Squeeze Box

Being Sustainable

Sea Captain’s story provides a simple, engaging and effective introduction to sustainability. The Activity Unit assists to both develop further this understanding, and targets healthy development through activities such as the action task and song, Bubble and Swish. Understanding sustainability benefits your kids’ environment and assists them to comprehend abstract adaptive life skills such as responsibility and accountability.

Fizzy Bee and the Trumpet

Making a Contribution

Fizzy’s story promotes the message that each one of us has something special and worthwhile to contribute. Encouraging kids to contribute assists them develop the view that they can play a role in enacting positive change. This view can enhance self-esteem, self-identity, and connectedness to others. The Activity Unit both complements learning of this skill, and targets core literacy skills such as vocabulary development.

Taylor Termite and the Clarinet

Appreciating Things

Through Taylor’s quirky story and audio your child will be introduced to the benefits of appreciating what they have. This skill enhances comprehension of more abstract concepts such as gratitude. The Activity Unit supports further understanding of this skill, and also contains an innovative task called Painting Thoughts, which simultaneously assists in the development of music appreciation, and enhancing emotional wellbeing through music.

Sissy Slug and the Tuba

Being Self-Reliant

The message of Sissy’s story represents an integral component of emotional wellbeing for kids and adults alike, namely to be your own best friend. Fostering self-reliance in children helps them to develop a sense of their own identity, capabilities, and individual value, exactly as they are. The Activity Unit reinforces this message through the song, I Like What I Seeand the language development chanting exercise, I’m Great As I Am.

Lilly Ladybug and the Double Bass

Making Friends

Lilly’s story presents the view that making friends is a proactive skill, rather than something kids either can or cannot do. Reinforcing this belief assists kids to feel more confident in seeking social connections, and to make positive choices when selecting their friendship groups. The Activity Unit reinforces this skill, and also targets confidence and coordination through learning the Red Spot Jiggle Dance.

Charlie the Singing Snail

Being Reliable

Charlie is a very sweet, but somewhat scatty snail, and her story will assist your child to understand the elements of being reliable in a context they can relate to. As a bonus, your kids will love to listen and sing along with Charlie’s songs in both the Activity Unit and Audio Book. Learning how to be reliable has both academic and social benefits, as this skill enhances self-regulation, planning, and making positive choices in life.

Centipede Jesse and the Banjo

Finding Your Tribe

Jesse’s relatable tale introduces the importance of finding others that like you for who you are, and that doing so can take time. In turn, the process of ‘finding your tribe’ may motivate kids to try new activities and be open to opportunities. Jesse’s Activity Unit contains a number of unique tasks for kids, such as making their very own Jesse, which assists in the development of working to a plan and following directions.

Winnie Worm and the Harmonica

Valuing Others

Winnie’s story introduces the life skill of valuing other people, including any qualities they may have that differ from one’s own. Children that engage in this skill tend to form better social relationships, are viewed positively by peers, in addition to enhancing their mood, confidence and self-esteem. The Activity Unit contains tasks that assist to reinforce this skill, and listening and comprehension tasks such as the True or False Game.

King Mantis and his One Man Band

Having Self-Belief

The story of King Mantis introduces your child to the concept of having confidence in your own judgement and capabilities. Fostering self-belief assist kids to be more self-assured and more resistant to negative influences, such as peer pressure and bullying. The Activity Unit contains an exercise and song, If You Were King/Queen that represents a fun and easy way of assisting kids to understand and remember this skill.

Gobi Grasshopper and the Pungi

Being Hopeful

Gobi’s tale and audio introduces kids to the life skill of Being Hopeful, and the associated positive possibilities. Hopefulness is a key predictor of good emotional health through enhancing resilience, optimism, and the ability to recover from unpleasant events. In addition to supplementing understanding of the skill, the Activity Unit has tasks that assist improve coordination such as the King Cobra Dance.

Johnnie Ray Beetle and the Electric Guitar

Being Content

Through Johnnie Ray’s story and Audio Book your child will be introduced to the concept of self-acceptance. Children that are encouraged to embrace their own identity, thoughts and perspectives tend to feel more confident, and have higher self-esteem, which assists in withstanding challenges such as peer pressure. The Activity Unit enhances this skill through engaging activities such as performing Johnnie Ray Live.

Mosquito Maestro and the Muzicbug Orchestra

Showing Leadership

Maestro’s story introduces your child to the behaviours associated with showing leadership. Through encouraging children to adopt positive role-model behaviours, they gain skills form the cornerstone of successful social interactions such as listening to others, communication, and empathy. The Activity Unit enhances these skills, and also targets concentration through exercises such as Mysterious Shadows exercise.

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