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So What's in the Muzicbug Program?

There are 20 Muzicbugs, and each one teaches a different life skill.

Every Muzicbug has his or her own story, told through picture story books (available in print and eBook) and music. Each one also has his or her own activity unit complete with music and songs.

This is all tied together with the Muzicbug Awards chart and stickers – to reward your kids with recognition for the positive values and behaviours they're practicing.

Meet the Muzicbugs

Every Muzicbug story explains how he or she discover an important life skill. Click here to meet all the Muzicbugs.

The Muzicbugs

Strike Up The Band. Meet all 20 Muzicbugs and find out about the picture story books which feature each bug’s amazing journey and Life Skill discovery. Meet all of the Muzicbugs

Music and Songs

Every Muzicbug performs fun and original music.

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Picture Books

Picture Books

Follow the adventures of the 20 Muzicbugs as their stories are brought to life with colour, excitement and fun.

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Join in with the animated eBook version of the story with character voice narration, sound effects, and music.

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Activities (PDF)


Bring the Muzicbugs to life, with music and song with these fun activities to reinforce the lessons told in the stories.

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Awards Chart & Stickers

Awards Chart & Stickers

Reward your children for displaying behaviour that shows they are learning each life skill.

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Life Skills

Each of the 20 talented Muzicbugs in the picture story books, discovers a key life skill, such as showing courage and persistence and demonstrating hopefulness and appreciation. Explore each of these 20 life skills and why these play an important role in the development of social and emotional skills thus helping form positive, strong mental health in children now and ongoing.

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Skills for today, foundations for life

Muzicbug is a fun way for kids to learn life skills. The books, music, activities and songs HELP BUILD STRONG KIDS. Learn more

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