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Songs Compilation Volume 3: Songs from Muzicbug Activity Units 15-20


Muzicbug Songs Volume 3 (Action Section): A mix of songs across the 20 Muzicbug books.



Muzicbug Songs Volume 3

1. Centipede Jesse
2. One To Eight
3. Five Groovy Muzicbugs
4. I Like You
5. Winnie Worm
6. Where Are You Winnie?
7. If You Were Queen or King
8. Shimmy Shake
9. The Gobi Grasshopper Song
10. Up Popped King Cobra
11. Go Gobi Go
12. You Can’t Catch Me
13. Oh Silly Me!
14. Johnnie Ray Rock
15. Fantastico
16. The Music Is Grand
17. A Quick Little Tap

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