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Songs Compilation Volume 2: Songs from Muzicbug Activity Units 8-14


Muzicbug Songs Volume 2 (Chanting Section): A mix of songs across the 20 Muzicbug books.



Muzicbug Songs Volume 2

1. The Organising Song
2. Whoops! Tumble! Whack!
3. Let’s Shout Yeehaw
4. Jiggle and Bop
5. Ahoy Me Matey
6. Bubble and Swish
7. Fizzy Fizzy Fizzy Fizzy Fizzy Bee
8. Three Cheers For Fizzy
9. Blow Fizzy Blow
10.Yummy Wood
11. Bug-A-Lug
12. Semour’s Stick
13. I Like What I See
14. I’m Great As I Am
15. Is It As Big As A Tuba?
16. Lilly’s Floating Down The River
17. Splat! Splat!
18. Icky Sticky Feet
19. Get There On Time
20. Tick Tock Rock
21. The Pointing Song

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