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Songs Compilation Volume 1: Songs from Muzicbug Activity Units 1-7


Muzicbug Songs Volume 1 (Singing Section): A mix of songs across the 20 Muzicbug books.



Muzicbug Songs Volume 1

1. Shimmy Shake and Cha Cha
2. Hasta La Vista
3. Dancing Feet
4. BB Rap
5. Six Little Caterpillars
6. Bella Butterfly
7. At The Drainpipe Club
8. Bang Crash Boom Crash Quiet Quiet
9. Quiet!
10. At The Colony Hall
11. Annabelle Ant
12. The Great Colony Hall
13. Here Ye
14. Zoom Zoom
15. Ten Picnickers
16. Ooh La La
17. Fergus Flea
18. Play My Trombone
19. Hello Rockin’ Roach!
20. Wake Up
21. You Just Try

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