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Being Sustainable

Sea Captain Caterpillar and the Squeeze Box – Being Sustainable (Activity – PDF)


Sea Captain Caterpillar loves to play the squeezebox, and have fun while sailing the seas.

The Captain and his sailors have so much fun, they never want it to end.

All the singing and dancing makes them very hungry, but they know if they gobble up all the food now, they could find themselves in a lot of trouble so they try to take care.


By Leighton Smith; Rebecca Meaney.
Edition: 1st ed. ISBN: 9781925511284 (Activity – PDF)
Series: The Muzicbug Tales; No. 9.

About the Skill

Being Sustainable

While enhancing children’s understanding of sustainability, has environmental benefits, it also provides a framework for thinking about abstract concepts, such as responsibility, accountability, and long-range consequences. Acting sustainably enhances emotional well-being in children, through increasing their belief that they can make a positive difference through their actions.
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