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Muzicbug eBook Series


If you can’t decide which book to buy, why not consider the set of the complete series of 20 ebooks in the Muzicbug Tales. Your kids will love joining each talented Muzicbug on their journey of learning about an essential life skill such as making friends, being persistent, showing leadership and being self-reliant. The engaging stories are complemented by fun animations on every page, narration and original music. This great value set includes the 20 Muzicbug Tales titles:

1. Ferdi Fly and the Flamenco Guitar – Being Active
2. Bella Butterfly and the Harp – Being Persistent
3. Seymour Spider and the Drums – Teamwork
4. Annabelle Ant and the Saxophone – Setting Goals
5. Jock McWaspy and the Bagpipes – Sharing With Others
6. Fergus Flea and the Trombone – Showing Courage
7. Carlo Cockroach and the Piano – Making Extra Effort
8. Monty Moth and the Fiddle – Being Organised
9. Sea Captain Caterpillar and the Squeeze Box – Being Sustainable
10. Fizzy Bee and the Trumpet – Making a Contribution
11. Taylor Termite and the Clarinet – Appreciating Things
12. Sissy Slug and the Tuba – Being Self-Reliant
13. Lilly Ladybug and the Double Bass – Making Friends
14. Charlie the Singing Snail – Being Reliable
15. Centipede Jesse and the Banjo – Finding Your Tribe
16. Winnie Worm and the Harmonica – Valuing Others
17. King Mantis and his One Man Band – Having Self-Belief
18. Gobi Grasshopper and the Pungi – Being Hopeful
19. Johnnie Ray Beetle and the Electric Guitar – Being Content
20. Mosquito Maestro and the Muzicbug Orchestra – Showing Leadership


Skills for today, foundations for life

Muzicbug is a fun way for kids to learn life skills. The books, music, activities and songs HELP BUILD STRONG KIDS. Learn more

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