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Muzicbug Audiobook Series


Complete set of 20 Muzicbug Tales audiobooks



1 Ferdi Fly and the Flamenco Guitar – Being Active (Muzicbug Tales Audiobook)

2 Bella Butterfly and the Harp – Being Persistent (Muzicbug Tales Audiobook)

3 Seymour Spider and the Drums – Teamwork (Muzicbug Tales Audiobook)

4 Annabelle Ant and the Saxophone – Setting Goals (Muzicbug Tales Audiobook)

5 Jock McWaspy and the Bagpipes – Sharing with Others (Muzicbug Tales Audiobook)

6 Fergus Flea and the Trombone – Showing Courage (Muzicbug Tales Audiobook)

7 Carlo Cockroach and the Piano – Making Extra Effort (Muzicbug Tales Audiobook)

8 Monty Moth and the Fiddle – Being Organised (Muzicbug Tales Audiobook)

9 Sea Captain Caterpillar and the Squeeze Box – Being Sustainable (Muzicbug Tales Audiobook)

10 Fizzy Bee and the Trumpet – Making a Contribution (Muzicbug Tales Audiobook)

11 Taylor Termite and the Clarinet – Appreciating Things (Muzicbug Tales Audiobook)

12 Sissy Slug and the Tuba – Being Self-Reliant (Muzicbug Tales Audiobook)

13 Lilly Ladybug and the Double Bass – Making Friends (Muzicbug Tales Audiobook)

14 Charlie the Singing Snail – Being Reliable (Muzicbug Tales Audiobook)

15 Jesse Centipede and the Banjo – Finding Your Tribe (Muzicbug Tales Audiobook)

16 Winnie Worm and the Harmonica – Valuing Others (Muzicbug Tales Audiobook)

17 King Mantis and his One Man Band – Having Self-Belief (Muzicbug Tales Audiobook)

18 Gobi Grasshopper and the Pungi – Being Hopeful (Muzicbug Tales Audiobook)

19 Johnny Ray Beetle and the Electric Guitar – Being Content (Muzicbug Tales Audiobook)

20 Mosquito Maestro and the Muzicbug Orchestra – Showing Leadership (Muzicbug Tales Audiobook)

Skills for today, foundations for life

Muzicbug is a fun way for kids to learn life skills. The books, music, activities and songs HELP BUILD STRONG KIDS. Learn more

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