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Showing Leadership

Mosquito Maestro and the Muzicbug Orchestra – Showing Leadership (Audiobook)


Mosquito Maestro loves being the conductor of the Muzicbug Orchestra.

He is strong and passionate about his music, and he likes to help the musicians be the best they can.

He inspires the musicians when they perform for others, and when he acts, others follow his lead.

With a swing of his baton he shows us the way.


By Rebecca Meaney; Leighton Smith.
Edition: 1st ed. ISBN: 9781925511390 (Audiobook)
Series: The Muzicbug Tales; No. 20.

About the Skill

Showing Leadership

By encouraging even young children to adopt positive role-model behaviours, they gain key skills such as listening to others, communication, and empathy. Such skills form the cornerstone of successful social interactions, and further help in developing decision-making abilities, assertiveness and withstanding peer pressure.
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