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Having Self-Belief

King Mantis and his One Man Band – Having Self-Belief (Activity – PDF)


King Mantis loves playing the bugle. He also loves playing the sqeezebox and the drums.

Each day the King makes very important decisions, but there was one time he did not know what to do. Asking the other bugs did not help at all, but the King found the answer from one bug he hadn’t thought to ask…

Can you guess who?


By Leighton Smith; Rebecca Meaney.
Edition: 1st ed. ISBN: 9781925511369 (Activity – PDF)
Series: The Muzicbug Tales; No. 17.

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Having Self-Belief

The development of self-belief is foundational for markers of emotional wellbeing such as confidence, resilience, and a sense of worth. In turn, when children are encouraged to identify and accept their personal strengths, they are more resistant to negative influences, such as peer pressure and bullying.
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