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Being Hopeful

Gobi Grasshopper and the Pungi – Being Hopeful (eBook)


Gobi Grasshopper loves to play the pungi.

Gobi plays his pungi music for a rather special job – he makes snakes dance!

This can be tricky, as not all snakes enjoy dancing, so Gobi never knows how things will turn out. But Gobi always gives it a go, and stays hopeful that everything will be okay.


By Rebecca Meaney; Leighton Smith.
Edition: 1st ed. ISBN: 9781925511178 (ebook)
Series: The Muzicbug Tales; No. 18.

About the Skill

Being Hopeful

Hopefulness is a key predictor of good psychological health, and an important part of resilience, optimism, and the ability to recover from unpleasant events. Children that feel more hopeful tend to view the future as full of possibility, rather than fearing the unknown. Encouraging hopefulness assists children to develop self-agency, and acts as a buffer when faced with disappointments and loss through their lifetime.
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