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Showing Courage

Fergus Flea and the Trombone – Showing Courage (Book)


Fergus Flea loves to play the trombone.

He is rather brave to learn an instrument that is so heavy to carry, when he’s such a little bug.

But Fergus is one courageous flea, and always shows bravery in situations that can be quite scary.


Rebecca Meaney; Leighton Smith.
Edition: 1st ed. ISBN: 9781925511253
Series: The Muzicbug Tales; No. 6.

About the Skill

Showing Courage

Courage is an integral part of self-ecacy that provides a basis for facing adversity, accepting challenges, and pursuing opportunities. Children that are able to draw upon courage are also better equipped to manage dicult social interactions. In turn, courage assists children to engage in a broader range of activities, which assists in identifying individual strengths.
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