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The Muzicbug Program Activity Units focus on using music in a playful way, to reinforce social and emotional life skills found in the book series, and target language and literacy skills. Each unit contains multisensory learning and music activities, suitable for use both at school and at home. Supplemented with fun original music and songs, these units are designed to be interesting and easy to use, while helping to develop fundamental social and academic skills. The 20 units in the series are available for purchase individually, or as a set.

The units contain 10 activities: Singing, Mixed Bag, Dancing, Games, Chanting, Making Things, Keyboard, Listening, Action and Performance.  To make things fun, each unit features original music, songs and dialogue performed by the talented Muzicbugs. The Activity Units have been designed for parents or caregivers to guide kids through each activity, which can be adapted to suit each child’s unique abilities and learning requirements.

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