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The Muzicbugs have arrived!

Follow their colourful adventures in the picture story books in print and eBook format.

There is colour, movement, rhyme and song, and quite a lot of mischief along the way.

On their journey, each bug learns an important life skill, which is reinforced through music and song in the Muzicbug Activity Units.

The Muzicbugs are ready and waiting to assist your child in developing adaptive social, personal and learning skills.

Rebecca and Leighton

Leighton Smith spent 25 years working as a primary school teacher. He has worked extensively with children in a classroom setting and also developed and implemented curriculum course material for Distance Education learning. He has also written and produced an extensive range of audio visual educational materials including a comprehensive library of children’s music and songs. In his spare time, he continues to work as a professional pianist/musician in a variety of different roles and settings.

Dr Rebecca Meaney has worked as a clinical psychologist, and lectured in psychology at universities. Rebecca’s particular area of clinical and research interest is improving emotional wellbeing, and she has worked extensively with primary school aged children, adolescents, and university students with this aim. Rebecca has authored several publications in both Australian and international journals on topics including the factors that enhance good mental health.

Skills for today, foundations for life

Muzicbug is a fun way for kids to learn life skills. The books, music, activities and songs HELP BUILD STRONG KIDS. Learn more

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